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How to Do a Breast Self Exam [VIDEO]

Have you or someone you know been affected by breast cancer?

Statistically breast cancer is the second most lethal cancer in women in the US, and one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime.

Early detection of breast cancer saves lives. According to extensive research conducted by the American Cancer Society and scientists worldwide – women diagnosed at a later stage have a significantly lower survival rate.

Although there is no way to predict who will or won’t develop breast cancer, performing regular breast self exams is an important prevention step.

By conducting regular breast self exams, you will feel the changes in your breast long before you’d notice any pain or breast cancer symptoms. It is recommended you conduct your own breast self exam once a month.

We’ve shared a great breast self exam video we found from WaysandHow [above] with directions for doing a thorough breast self exam. We recommend you watch the video, and begin conducting your own breast self exam each month.

How to Conduct A Breast Self Exam

It is recommended to conduct a breast self exam about a week after your period.

First, observe your breasts. Stand or sit in front of a mirror. How do they look? Have they changed at all? Pay careful attention to the size, shape, nipples and skin colorations.

Next, raise your hands above your head. Drop them down to your sides by your hips. Bend forward. Repeat this step as necessary. The goal is to identify if there are any changes seen during movement.

After you’ve visually checked your breasts, it’s time to feel for any lumps. Lay on your back with a pillow under one shoulder. Lift the same arm above your head, and use your opposite arm to feel for any lumps.

Use three fingers moving in a circular motion to go around your entire breast, first with light pressure. From there, repeat the same process with medium and then firm pressure from the bra line to the collar bone, and front the armpit to the breast bone.

Worried you may have found something or that you might not know what you’re looking for? Las Vegas Thermography offers you an option for early detection – a comprehensive Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging scan! Request an appointment now by clicking here.

With a Thermal breast exam, there is no painful compression or radiation. Your Certified Clinical Thermographer will use a special infrared camera which measures the heat given off by pathology – like an early stage aggressive tumor.

This unique breast exam is a great addition to your regular breast self exams, like the one in the video. Always consult your physician if you think you are at risk of breast cancer.

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness!