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Why it’s important to follow up

Thermography is well known as a safe, non-invasive (NO RADITATION NO COMMPRESSION) technology for assessing breast cancer risks by offering women the Earliest possible warning that problems may be developing in her breasts. So why, if thermography provides the earliest warning available, is it so important to have a follow-up in 3 months … especially if your results are good?

1. To establish YOUR baseline.
Thermography images of your breasts are just like “thermal fingerprints”, and just like a fingerprint, it should stay relatively the same throughout your lifetime. The first examination done will be your baseline. All future examinations will be compared to your baseline, which gives you a good indication of positive or negative changes (activity) that may be occurring in your breasts (or body) over time.

2. To track your breast health.
Once your baseline is established, we are able to see which way you are heading with regards to your risk of developing any pathology (breast cancer). It takes 8-9 years of growth on the average for a tumor to be detected by a mammogram.

3. To change a negative to a positive.

It’s true; when you can literally see yourself from the inside out (a picture can say a thousand words), then you have control of what you do moving forward. If you see you’re moving in the wrong direction, you can take immediate action and correct it. This visual may give you the incentive needed to make lifestyle changes now.

4. To evaluate the effects of some therapies or interventions.
Thermography is an objective way to evaluate if therapies or life style changes are actually working to reduce inflammation and risk.

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